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Our Story

I have always admired the grit, passion and service mindset small businesses bring to their communities.  

I watched my father start and grow a business from a solo operation to a thriving company of  30 employees.  

At 16 I started working as a front desk clerk at my grandfather’s motel across from Disneyland.  I loved seeing the happiness that one man’s vision and hard work brought so many people.

At DMG, we believe in the power small businesses have to strengthen communities and make life easier, and more enjoyable for their customers.  Our commitment to helping small business succeed drives us every day to find new, innovative ways to help connect customers with your products and services.  

Nicole Donnelly

Our Mission

To be your trusted partner in developing marketing solutions that delight customers, grow your business and strengthen your community.


Our Vision

To change the culture of business to prioritize people first before profits.


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Our Approach

Our approach to marketing is centered first on your people. Understanding your customers and how to serve them better is at the core of what we do every day. We fiercely believe when companies prioritize people over profit, the impact on individuals and communities is significant.

We aim to help you continue to surprise and delight your customers by providing marketing solutions that inform, engage and inspire your customers to become happy and loyal brand advocates. We believe when you give generously to your customers they return that loyalty in spades. Our solutions are built with that in mind. We are committed to your success and hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your trust.

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Lead with Humility

We strive for a culture of openness, humility and collaboration that inspires innovation.

Stay Determined

Stay hungry, be ready to make mistakes and take risks in order to grow.  If you don't know it, learn it.

Serve & Delight Others

Help others win first and delight in their success.

Joy in Work

Work should be challenging, purposeful, and fun!

Integrity First

We value transparency and honesty in what we say and do.  

Flexible Work Schedule

Doing great work doesn't require a 9-5 schedule.  We value a flexible work schedule that prioritizes quality work over when and where work gets done.   

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